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Happy Fruit Live Rosin Gummies


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Try our new Happy Fruit Live Rosin gummies!!! Each pack contains 10 gummies!


  • Grape Escape Delta-9 – Nice calming & mellow effect 250mg
  • Sour Rosinberry Delta-9 – Calming buzz formula 250mg
  • Ocean Breeze Delta-9 + THC-V – Energy, uplifting & focus 300mg
  • Midnight Remberry Delta-9 CBN + CBNO – Great for a good night sleep 450mg
  • Watermelon Wellness Delta-9 CBD + CBGa – Relaxation, plus ultimate wellness 750mg
  • Strawberry Lifted Limeade Delta-9 THC-v + CBG – Max Sativa Buzz – Uplifting Energy & Focus



Midnight Remberry (Delta-9 CBN+CBNO), Ocean Breeze (DELTA-9 THC-V), Watermelon Wellness (Delta-9 CBDa + CBG-a), Sour Rosinberry (Delta-9), Grape Escape (Delta-9), Strawberry Lifted Limeade (Delta-9 THC-V + CBG)


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