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Ghost Disposables (THC-a)


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Woooahhh! We now have our NEW THC-a disposables! This is a got to have product!

These are 3.5 gram disposables with new ingredients containing Delta-8 THC live rosin up to 2,030 mg, Delta-6 THC1,050 mg, and liquid diamonds (35mg) & THC-a 35 mg.

We have six flavors total! Our Sativa’s are Starfruit and Guava which is great to start your day! They both have an uplifted and energetic effects.

We also have our indica strains which are Mandarin Kush & Raspberry Kush. These two are great to use after a long day and you want to unwind and relax.

&&& Our Hybrid strains are Cherry Pie & Limoncello





Guava (Sativa), Starfruit (Sativa), Raspberry Kush (Indica), Mandarin Kush (Indica), Cherry Pie (Hybrid), Limoncello (Hybrid)


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