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Blazed 3g Disposables


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Blazed 3 Gram Disposable

THC-JD/THC-A/THC-P Liquid Diamonds

This blend is the strongest 3 gram blend on the market today, and was formulated to give and amazing high in combination. We describe the exprience as powerful, enjoyable, and relaxing. These disposables are made for the best of both body and mind experience.

21+ ONLY

2018 Farm Bill Compliant


Stinky Pete (Sativa), Grape Gobbstoppers (Sativa), Cheetah Piss (Hybrid), Mami Mist (Indica), Unicorn Haze (Indica), Catanac Kush (Indica), 9 Ball OG (Hybrid), Alaskan Funderthuck (Sativa), Maui Mist (Indica), Bully Kush (Indica)


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