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Green Valley CBD Delta-8 Carts


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A local favorite! These Green Valley Delta 8 Carts are a BIG seller. Choose from your favorite Sativa to help keep you going throughout your day, a nice balanced Hybrid, or a relaxing Indica to help you drift off into dreamland!

Sativa Strains Available:
-OG Kush
-Gorilla Glue
-Durban Dream
-Sour Diesel
-Blue Dream
-Maui Waui

Hybrid Strains Available:
-Banana Runtz

Indica Strains Available:
-Grand Daddy Purp
-Northern Lights
-Wedding Cake
-Blackberry Kush


OG Kush -Sativa, Gorilla Glue-Sativa, Durban Dream-Sativa, Sour Diesel- Sativa, Blue Dream- Sativa, Maui Waui- Sativa, Banana Runtz- Hybrid, Cookies- Hybrid, Gelato- Hybrid, Grand Daddy Purp-Indica, Northern Lights -Indica, Wedding Cake- Indica, Blackberry Kush-Indica


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