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Flip Chillum To Straw

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Flip Chillum To Straw

The Flip Tip is a unique Patent Pending glass tip that only works with the Flip silicone tube. Special grooves on the inside of the silicone tube allow for perfect insert for either the chillum or straw end. The glass tip is made out of high quality Pyrex glass and is 2″ tall. When the glass tip is flipped to the chillum end it fits perfectly inside the silicone tube for a secure fit. When the chillum end is inserted the flip stand 4.75″ tall. 

Color options limited, please fill out a contact form with your top 2 preferred color options. If contact form is not filled out we will send what is available. Glow in the dark, black/gray swirl, blue/purple swirl, Rastafarian swirl, blue/white swirl, red/white swirl, or black/green/yellow swirl.

For adult use only 21+

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Weight 2.5 oz

1 review for Flip Chillum To Straw

  1. Harley Nelson (verified owner)

    Its a neat and very useful, be aware users; this is not Quartz, this is Pyrex which can warp or melt under high heat. When using the concentrate straw make sure to heat slowly and just the tip. The whole thing does not need to be red hot, and be aware of the amount you are vaping since the tip of the straw will only stay hot enough to vaporize it for so long, you may end up with residual concentrate in the straw, which you wont really be able to clean out.

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