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DeltaX Disposable (THC-P)


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What is THC-P??? THC-P stands for tetrahydrocannabiphorol. THC and THC-P share nearly identical chemical structures with one crucial difference: the length of their alkyl side chain. THC’s chain is a five-carbon atom chain, while THC-P has seven carbon atoms. THC-P significantly more biologically active. THC-P’s longer side-chain gives it 30 times higher bonding activity at cannabinoid type one (CB1) receptors, making it potentially 30 times more potent then THC. THC-P consumers describe the effects as a more pronounced version of THC. Like THC, THC-P is a strong CB1 agonist, meaning it blinds with the receptors and causes a potent psychoactive effect. THC-P is protected by the 2018 Farm Bill

Hemp Derived Product.

1 Gram Disposable

For Adults 21 and over!


Blue Dream Berries(Sativa), OG Kush(Indica), Strawberry Cough(Hybrid)


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